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摘要:来源丨Solarbe GlobalDenmark, Sweden, Finland could add 12.8 GW of solar by 2030到2030年,丹麦、瑞典和芬兰或将新增12.8 GW的太阳能Denmark, Swede...

来源丨Solarbe Global

Denmark, Sweden, Finland could add 12.8 GW of solar by 2030

到2030年,丹麦、瑞典和芬兰或将新增12.8 GW的太阳能

Denmark, Sweden, and Finland could add a total of 12.8 GW of PV by 2030, according to a new study by Norwegian research company Rystad Energy. The Nordic region is set to become a renewables powerhouse in Europe, with onshore wind accounting for most of the growth at 61.5 GW.

挪威研究公司Rystad Energy的一项最新研究显示,到2030年,丹麦、瑞典和芬兰的光伏发电总量可能达到12.8 GW。而陆上风电也将得到大力发展,预计增加61.5 GW,使北欧成为欧洲可再生能源大户。

Denmark is expected to lead solar development in the region. Rystad Energy predicts that the country will add 9 GW of PV by 2030, followed by Sweden with 3 GW, and Finland with 0.8 GW. By 2030, Sweden aims to source 65% of its power generation capacity from renewables. Finland has set its target at 51% and Denmark at 55%.

该公司预计,丹麦将引领北欧的太阳能项目开发。Rystad Energy预测,到2030年,该国将增加9 GW的光伏装机量,瑞典为3 GW,芬兰为0.8 GW。到2030年,瑞典的目标是65%的发电能力来自可再生能源。芬兰将目标定为51%,丹麦定为55%。

Permitting issues for solar on agricultural land in Romania


The Romanian PV industry faces serious issues related to permits for PV projects on agricultural land, as the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (MADR) is reportedly rejecting installations spanning more than 50 hectares.


“For months, these projects have been rejected by MADR,” said Mihaela Nyerges, partner at law firm Vlăsceanu, Nyerges & Partners. “We are talking about several GW of mature projects for which the investment process started last year.”

“几个月来,这些项目都被MADR拒绝了,”Nyerges&Partners律师事务所的合伙人Mihaela Nyerges说。“从去年开始投资的几吉瓦的成熟项目受到了影响。”

“All requests submitted to MADR for the issuance of its prior endorsement were simply not responded to, most probably due to the absence of a legal provision supporting a negative response,” Nyergers said. “MADR immediately started to reject all requests received from the beginning of the year, for projects below and above 50 hectares alike. What is also striking is that there is simply no legal argumentation for such rejection.”



Indonesia’s 3.5 GW solar megaproject set sights on green hydrogen


Australia-based ReNu Energy and its wholly owned subsidiary Countrywide Hydrogen have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with Anantara Energy, a partnership between Singapore-based independent power producer Quantum Power Asia and German PV developer ib vogt, to investigate the feasibility of developing a large-scale green hydrogen production facility in Indonesia. The plan features a 10 MW electrolyzer supported by at least 100 MW of solar.

总部位于澳大利亚的ReNu Energy及其全资子公司Countrywide Hydrogen已与安纳塔拉能源公司(Anantara Energy)签署了谅解备忘录(MoU),以调研在印尼开发大型绿氢生产设施的可行性。该调研将通过10兆瓦电解槽和至少100兆瓦的太阳能电站开展。

Subject to a positive outcome of the studies, it is expected the financial close for the green hydrogen manufacturing facility could occur in 2024 with green hydrogen production to commence in 2025.


Anantara has already committed to invest up to almost $6 billion to develop a 3.5 GW solar and storage facility in Riau. The joint venture has secured more than 600 hectares of land and is in the process of obtaining permitting rights as well as financing commitments for developing a 3.5 GW solar plant with up to 12 GWh of energy storage capacity.

安纳塔拉已经承诺投资近60亿美元,在廖内开发一座3.5 GW的太阳能和储能设施。该合资企业已获得600多公顷的土地,并正在获得许可权和融资承诺,以开发一座3.5 GW的太阳能电站,其储能容量高达12 GWh。



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